Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gossip is the trash of every insecure person around you.

Gossip could be considered the trash talk that is produced by the insecurities people are dealing with. The problem with Gossip is that nobody would like to have "REAL" trash poured out upon their nice clean living room carpets/floors, but that is exactly what we do to our spiritual living room, on the inside of us, when we allow others to gossip to us. It is just like saying to Holy Spirit. "Hear, sit down on this mound of trash for a while until I finnish listening to this juicy gossip." The truth is that all the piles of trash we take into our spirits affect our relationship with Holy Spirit. We are, each one, a living temple where Holy Spirit dwells inside of us. We wouldn't invite our Mother or friends to come over to our to our house for a visit and say: "Please, take a seat on this fresh pile of rotting trash I just picked up from the back ally." No way. That would be offensive to them. How much more offensive is it when we listen to gossip and then expect, Holy Spirit make His home among the trash piles we have permitted into our spirits. After all, Holy Spirit is not just visiting us-He is the one who dwells within us to help us live our lives for the glory of God.

The next time you are being dumped on by a co-worker, family member or friend. Politely change the subject. You will be treating your relationship with Holy Spirit honourably by making a right-up smashing winner of a choice to keep your temple clean - for Him.

Staying clean on the Inside,


Saturday, April 19, 2008

What makes great people great?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great person great? Does the desire to be someone great ever pop up in your heart?
I am on a search to find out what makes men and women excel past average and launch into greatness. My first discovery is
that great people are kind and are others minded. Think of the kindest person you know of... what makes them so kind? I bet they are so others minded that there is little that they would not do in order to see another person become happy and successful.
They are all around us. Our parents, teachers, coaches, but most of all Jesus. He is the Kindest person I know.

What else have you discovered that makes people great? Please post your comments.


Monday, December 31, 2007

Last but not least...

As 2007 draws to a close I am laying new tile flooring in my home. My friend Cory and I spent all last night finishing our kitchen and upstairs bathroom. It really makes a difference to the look and feel of our house. When God asks us to make a change it is always for our good and for the good of others. This new year "2008" will bring to you fresh beginnings as well as new opportunities for changes to take place in your life. Ask God what He thinks about each one. Allow God to give you His wisdom and understanding into them. Choose to see what comes your way this year from God's point of view. Talk with God each day about what is happening to you and in you, then let Him respond. Spend time in focused prayer and fellowship with God like going out on a date together... Invite God into your daily decisions and lean heavily on His Word for the correct actions to take. Doing this will make you more aware of God's presence, His nature, and His heart towards you and those around you. The more time you spend talking with God, reading His Word, the easier it becomes to discern what His good, pleasing and perfect will is for your life. When you are faced with new opportunities and new choices this new year... remember the things you have just read. I hope you grow more in your love walk with God and with others this year than you ever thought possible! There is no end to God's love for you. In the same way love your fellow man. Your choices... to love to no end... the people in your life will without fail reveal the nature of God towards those around you, big and small.

God bless. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year in Christ.

Instructions on how to give a "man hug."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Paul Potts... Inspiring!

Christmas Day

Today was a wonderful family focused day.  I played My Little Ponies with my five year old Anne. I told silly stories with my two year old, Brie and I chillaxed (chilled & relaxed) with my wife, Holly.  We watched Christmas movies and did a lot of laughing. I got "Paul Potts" Debut Album - One Chance.  It is so good.  Check out his audition for Britain's Got Talent on youtube. What a great CD to listen to while chillaxing...  It is alway good to forget the clock once in a while and just be with your family all day.  Loving Jesus and loving life...  Peter.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I was reading about discernment today and a quote from Oswald Chambers really stood out to me and I wanted to include it as my blog post for today.  Oswald had this to say about your God given gift of discernment: 

"When we discern that other people are not growing spiritually and allow that discernment to turn to criticism, we block our fellowship with God.  God never gives us discernment so that we my criticize, but that we may intercede."

Have you ever used your gift of discernment to criticize someone like this.  I have done it. I have even shared that criticism with other people, not knowing the consequences to my relationship with God.  I have now "upgraded" my knowledge about the gift of discernment God has entrusted to me.  I hope you will do the same my friends.

May your fellowship with God remain strong and unbroken.
Keep pressing into God's Word and "know-Him-better-man." (Muppets Christmas Carol)